Web Design




Focusing on a user-friendly web design is more popular than it has ever been. With the increase in the number of different browsers, devices and methods in which people browse websites, designing a website that is optimized for multiple platforms is very important. Some of the following factors should always been taken into account:

Navigation – Clear menus, easy to follow structure and plenty of internal links make it easy for new users to browse the content of a website.

Multimedia – Including images, videos and slideshows make interacting with a website a much more enjoyable experience, leading to returning visitors.

Compatibility – In today’s market, a site need to run just as well on a mobile phone or tablet as it does on a desktop.

Interactivity – Adding opinion polls, questions, and other clickable options improves the interactivity with the users. This will increase page views, return traffic and recommendations.

Technology – There are constant advancements in technology in regards to what websites can offer users. Only the web designers limit a website, the better the design team the better the website will be.

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